Shenzhen Guogeng Industrial Co., Ltd manufactures a variety of custom built lithium ion battery packs as we are one China Li-Ion battery suppliers. Our team of engineers are experienced in lithium-ion battery technology and can assist you in choosing the most suitable lithium ion battery cell for your application.

Our lithium ion battery pack manufacturing team can design and assemble prototypes, small production runs as well as large scale mass production.

Guogeng predominantly build Lithium-Ion 18650 battery packs, using well known 18650 Li-ion cell manufacturers such as Samsung, LG Chem, Panasonic and Sanyo. We can also build lithium battery packs using Li-ion 21700 cells, Li-Ion Prismatic cells and Li-ion Polymer cells.

It is very important to select a battery pack manufacturer that has expertise in the lithium chemistry because understanding your application requirements and manufacturing the battery management system is vital to being able to offer a safe solution.

Guogeng can also offer UN38.3 lithium-ion battery testing at a fraction of the cost that is being charged by South Korea, US and European test lab. We already have a select number of lithium battery packs that have UN38.3 transportation approval.